New Museum of Western Australia

with Hassel and OMA

Almost four times larger than the current facility, the New Museum of Western Australia will connect the people of WA to their cultural and natural heritage.

Previously containing a historic jailhouse, a library, and galleries, the task was to transform the buildings into a cultural gathering place to showcase artifacts and art and to host events for the surrounding art community. Light is a key component of the buildings and a monolithic approach to the new glazed areas contrasts with the point sources located outside the heritage buildings. This more traditional approach allows the heritage buildings to be defined by their materials and architectural features, highlighted in accent lights. The new gallery and circulation spaces glow from within, giving off an even illumination.

Beyond the significantly expanded display of collections in the new gallery spaces, the new facility will reveal museum operations, support a wider range of interaction with the Museum, and welcome the community into a new City Room event area.