Environmental design

Our approach to building is holistic.

On every project, we look beyond the immediate development challenges. We look for all the ways we can transform those challenges into future advantages. Turning minuses into plusses, if you will.

We help create buildings with a sustainable impact that reaches beyond their site boundaries. High-performance buildings with a wider virtuous cycle firmly in mind, designed within strict practical and economical guidelines.

We guide project teams from design to construction to handover.

Everyone at Atelier Ten is an expert in environmental health and design, alongside their individual specialities. This means we know exactly how to help clients find the most sustainable ways to create the buildings they need.

First we get together with each design team to confirm the project goals – then we stick to them. Pretty standard stuff, but we go deeper. Much deeper. In fact, we brainstorm all the ways a building can be brought to life in the most energy-saving, comfortable form possible. These include:

  • Massing and orientation
  • Building envelope
  • Thermal comfort and conditioning systems
  • Lighting design
  • Equipment and plug loads
  • Energy systems and renewables
  • Water systems
  • Site and landscape design
  • Materials
  • Health and wellness
  • Carbon emissions

We run calculations and simulations to make sure our strategies will work, then prioritise the most effective design solutions accordingly. From start to finish we track projects closely, coordinate with the team and benchmark performance.

The Atelier Ten touch

To each project we bring reams of commercial experience gained in all kinds of sectors, from tech to the public realm. This knowledge makes us quick to spot key sustainability issues in the early phases. Not only that, we’re adept at carrying out rigorous analysis when needed.

At all stages, we offer sound advice, inspiration and support. That way, everyone involved is crystal clear about the environmental aims of the project.


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