University of St Andrews Biomolecular Sciences Building

with Oberlanders

Atelier Ten undertook the MEP design associated with the refurbishment of the Biomolecular Sciences building on the University of St Andrews’ North Haugh campus.

The building underwent internal reconfiguration to meet the current and future needs of the client and to provide state of the art research and undergraduate laboratory and support services accommodation.

The Client’s brief was established through collaboration with all user groups at meetings and workshops. The brief was further refined to incorporate the specific requirements of each user group who included biology teaching and research, chemistry research, administration and building maintenance.

Generally, the existing MEP services installations were replaced throughout. The gas boilers were replaced in 2019 and will be retained.

Smart Building Technology is incorporated within the building to facilitate integration of occupancy with lighting and heating systems and provide geotagging systems.

Changes in regulations and work practices have sometimes been at a variance with the current client work practices and briefing, where these have been identified clear explanation of the deviation has been essential for client agreement.