G.T. Mickey Leland Federal Building

with Gensler

For the modernization of this 1960s building, Atelier Ten helped improve the buildings’ energy performance by achieving a 54% reduction in cost savings and an energy use intensity (EUI) of 42 kBTU ft2/year.

Atelier Ten analyzed several options for improving the façade, and recommended multiple shading configurations to determine the effective solar heat gain reduction (a large concern in Houston). As a result, the final design includes a high-performance reclad over the existing façade, and horizontal external shades to reduce solar heat gains. These envelope interventions alone reduce the energy use by 9% over an ASHRAE baseline.

Atelier Ten also evaluated the energy performance of system upgrades, including VAV systems, lighting, occupancy sensors and daylight dimming, to further reduce building energy use. From this evaluation, new energy-efficient lighting and a new HVAC system was incorporated on each floor. The new control system will optimize the chiller plant, other HVAC systems, and lighting, while a photovoltaic system on site supplies additional energy. This refined envelope and HVAC design achieves a 30% energy use savings over ASHRAE and an energy use intensity (EUI) of 42 kBTU ft2/year, well within the GSA target EUI range of 36-55 kBTU ft2/year.