Statue of Liberty Museum

with FXFowle

The construction of the new Liberty Museum is dedicated to the education of the public on one of America’s most cherished monuments, while emphasizing ecological stewardship, building resource conservation, and
environmental legacy.

This iconic building is designed to engage with the surrounding site and share the story of the history and construction of the Statue, while exploring the larger concept of liberty. The museum program includes
an exhibition space, visitor services, event/assembly space, museum operations offices, and support spaces. Atelier Ten optimized the Architect’s unique design, inspired by the irregularity of the water’s edge, to provide views, reduce energy use, and increase visitor comfort.

Driven by the National Park Service’s sustainability requirements, Atelier Ten recommended various high-performance strategies that the design team integrated to achieve LEED Gold. Those strategies include multiple planted areas, an extensive green roof, and bird-friendly glass. A rooftop garden is planted with plants that encourage native birds to make homes.
Our team also focused on the building enclosure by carefully designing it to mitigate thermal bridging, reduce loads, and deter bird collisions. Materials native to the Island and used in the original construction of the Statue of Liberty were incorporated in the design, enriching the interior and exterior spaces with granite, bronze, and a variety of native vegetation.

Atelier Ten incorporated various energy efficiency measures including a highperformance envelope with exterior shades, an advanced lighting system with LED lighting and occupancy and vacancy sensors, and an efficient HVAC system with air-dise economizing and demand control
ventilation alongside high-performance chillers. These measures will result in an annual energy savings of 33% and annual cost savings on 31%.