Healthy buildings

Healthy humans need healthy buildings.

Our designers are leaders in understanding how an environment can improve the comfort and wellbeing of the people who inhabit it.

Atelier Ten’s healthy building experts have backgrounds in toxicology, industrial hygiene, environmental health, building science, lighting design, environmental management, architectural engineering, Fitwell and the WELL Building Standard. We really have got it all covered.

Their rich range of experience comes together to provide a deep understanding of the relationship between the built environment and human health. Read more about our views on healthy buildings here.

We start by getting to know our clients’ values.

This allows us to set health-related targets before the design process even begins. Then we consider all aspects that affect environmental health: air, water, materials, lighting, daylight and views, biophilia, comfort and activity. Every project is different, but our approach begins in the same way.

We look for win-win solutions that:

  • Protect health by limiting exposure to toxic elements
  • Promote wellness – not just by getting rid of things that cause harm, but by creating spaces people feel good
  • Stay true to our sustainable goals – there’s no point sacrificing the planet to make ourselves healthier

Because it’s possible to design buildings that keep both humans and the environment in good shape.


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