Lighting design

Mood-lifting. Space-warming. Energy-saving. Mind-clearing. Lighting.

Light is essential to life. It has a vital effect on our physical health and emotional wellbeing. But it does so much more. Good lighting can define space and architecture. It can delight and lift the spirit.

Naturally, the lighting in a building affects the mood and productivity of the people who live, work or play there. Whatever they get up to, our job is to light their path in the most beautiful, thoughtful and energy-smart way possible.

We do this by finding ways to incorporate daylight and electrical lighting into architectural design, finishes and materials. We make the most of natural sources. Our careful approach leads to comfortable, healthy occupants who probably don’t notice how well a space is engineered.

Illuminating thinking

The creative minds working in our lighting studio come from all kinds of backgrounds. Together, they win awards for lighting that combines imaginative design with sound engineering. Being part of Atelier Ten means they also get to tap into the minds of experts in other disciplines.

So, as a team, we can create stunning healthy spaces that look after both people and the environment.

Inventive design for energy-efficient interior and exterior lighting systems

  • Lighting quality and energy efficiency criteria
  • Integrated daylighting and electric lighting design concepts
  • Design drawings and layouts
  • Lighting system documentation, detail drawings, luminaire schedules, cut sheets, technical data, and control specifications
  • Luminaire design and manufacturer coordination
  • Bidding and procurement assistance
  • Submittal review, system commissioning, aiming and control setting
  • Maintenance and operation guidelines
  • Existing lighting system evaluation and upgrade recommendations
  • Illuminance and luminance modelling
  • Lighting energy calculations
  • Supporting material for LEED, WELL, Living Building Challenge and other benchmarking programmes


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