Tencent Seafront Towers

with NBBJ

The vertical campus headquarters for Tencent is a world-renowned, LEED Gold, high-performance building. Atelier Ten integrated passive design strategies to reduce energy consumption and green house gas emissions, while providing a healthy and comfortable work environment.

The team made the most of the tower’s urban setting by incorporating all the amenities of a tech campus, including office space, support areas for staff, health facilities, a library, conference rooms, and retail areas, in a vertical campus connected by exterior bridges. The project prioritized passive design approaches, which were the most cost effective strategies to adopt.

Atelier Ten worked closely with the design team to define the facade materials and shading to maximize daylight penetration, minimize glare, and reduce solar heat gain.

Glass panels lean out on the south facing sides or tilt back and forth on the eastern and western faces, with their edges shaded by aluminum. Atelier Ten provided energy analysis to test the various building envelope options in addition to HVAC systems and lighting improvements.