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Lower Sproul Plaza Redevelopment, UC Berkeley

with Moore Ruble Yudell Architects & Planners and UC Berkeley Capital Projects

This ambitious, student-funded masterplan and building project aims to re-think and revitalize a historic student center. Sustainability, community, and safety are the key drivers for the building and landscape design.

Currently one of the biggest projects on campus, the renovation of and additions to the student community center include the LEED Gold-targeted Eshelman Hall and the renovations to MLK, Anthony, and Chavez Halls. Sustainability targets for the project include energy savings 30% below California’s Title 24 requirements; 100% irrigation reduction; and, 100% reduction in operational waste. A comprehensive water management plan includes a large rainwater garden to collect and filter stormwater onsite.

Atelier Ten is supporting the achievement of these goals through design-stage sustainable peer review of the masterplan and building design and renovation concepts, with particular attention being paid to the fa├žades. Atelier Ten is also benchmarking progress through LEED program management.