Sustainable development doesn’t happen by luck or chance.

Project goals have to be defined in advance, the tactics for reaching them measured en route. The entire process – and of course the end result – has to meet, if not exceed, environmental, economic and social objectives.

Our role is to find ways to meet all these objectives. With effective, tailor-made, sometimes unpredictable solutions. Each masterplan we produce is a sustainable roadmap, one that guides current and future building.

Atelier Ten creates:

  • Physical masterplans: helping designers locate buildings, design infrastructure and more
  • Development policy/guidelines: writing the rules that guide future development (exciting stuff, as these influence environmental impact over the long term)
  • District-scale infrastructure: analysing district-scale energy and water plants

We think big. And small.

We look at long-term timescales and large land areas. Our expertise means we can guide design teams to the most effective solutions, no matter how complex the project. We also know the devil is in the detail, so we think about how things will really work in practice. You won’t find us producing guidelines that are impossible to implement.

We work at any scale.

From infill sites to neighbourhoods, eco-towns and new cities, we custom-design to suit every budget.

Whether it’s a new build or existing development, our design process involves all disciplines. We collaborate openly with architects, urban planners, economists and local authorities. If we didn’t, it would be impossible to grab opportunities to improve environmental performance. Which would leave us making changes we can’t measure, and who wants that?

  • Site planning, transportation access, green space, biodiversity and utility infrastructure targets for site-wide energy consumption, supply efficiency, carbon emissions and water
  • Strategies for space planning and building configuration that optimise daylight, energy use, thermal comfort and sustainable site design
  • Strategies for indoor and outdoor comfort
  • Environmental, economic, social and organisational priorities
  • Design guidelines, implementation plans and sustainability reporting

For any plan to succeed, everyone involved needs to understand what’s going on.

That’s why we supply custom-made implementation plans, charrettes and workshops to keep all team members (both within Atelier Ten and externally) informed and confident.

This approach gets excellent results for our clients and their local communities. As they say, without a plan you’re going nowhere.


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