Building services design

What we know is invaluable. What we offer is bespoke.

A browse through this site reveals our solid track record in mechanical, electrical and public health engineering. We’re delighted to have won awards for designing and delivering buildings that meet commercial and environmental needs with equal success.

The Atelier Ten network is teeming with specialists in a range of disciplines, all primed to guide clients through the development process. And our international engineering base means we can supply the right technical know-how when and where it’s needed.

From design brief to delivery

Our expertise in environmental design is what lays the groundwork for exceptional engineering design. It’s an interactive process.

Because we truly understand how architecture and engineering mesh together, we can support design teams with every aspect of mechanical, electrical, public health and environmental engineering, including:

  • Design brief
  • Design development
  • Contract documentation
  • Detailed works specifications
  • Rapid analysis techniques to assess design performance
  • Track progress against targets: highlight successes, prioritise resources and audit design + cost decisions

We want to keep moving industry thinking forward. So we continually do research and development to test the current boundaries.

After all, accepted best practice can always get better, can’t it?


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