Folkestone Arts Centre

with Alison Brooks Architects

The 1550m² building is a key element of the arts-led regeneration of Folkestone spearheaded by The Creative Foundation, a charitable trust.

The Arts Centre was conceived as both a ‘beacon’ announcing a new cultural hub for Folkestone, and as a modest ‘bookend’ building completing the curved east façade of the late Georgian buildings that form Tontine Street.

The new building incorporates a 220 seated or 500 standing multi-purpose auditorium for music, dance and film performances and conferences. The auditorium utilises a displacement ventilation system which provides low velocity air via perimeter displacement terminals integrated into the walls and behind the retractable seating.

Atelier Ten collaborated with the theatre consultant to co-ordinate and deliver a flexible audio-visual and lighting system for the auditorium. The first floor of the building houses a bar and cafe area and the third floor supports a business startup facility.