Arts Complex, Yale University slider image
Arts Complex, Yale University slider image

Arts Complex, Yale University

with Gwathmey Siegel Kaufman Architects

Through Atelier Ten’s design guidance, the refurbished and expanded Yale Arts Complex meets modern high-performance building standards, including significantly improved energy efficiency and occupant comfort, while adhering to stringent requirements for the original building’s historic preservation.

Originally designed by Paul Rudolph, the iconic Art + Architecture building of 1963 posed extraordinary comfort and energy challenges for the design team. In response, Atelier Ten introduced a variety of efficiency strategies, including replacing the existing glazing with a new high-performance façade while retaining over 90% of the original structure. This continuous double glazed, thermally broken glazing reduces peak solar loads while maintaining ample daylight through a spectrally selective low-e coating. The extensive daylighting also significantly reduces electric lighting costs and connects occupants to the outdoors.

The Arts Complex also improves the surrounding site and campus by incorporating landscape elements which mitigate urban heat island effect: a 2,300 SF green roof and high Solar Reflectance Index paving and roofing materials.