We can help existing buildings perform better.

Atelier Ten is known for creating high-performance green buildings. New buildings. But we also advise owners how to run older buildings as efficiently as possible – by giving them a long-term roadmap.

Our verification service looks at how a building is operating day-to-day, compared to how it was originally intended. We don’t just assess energy use, but also water usage, daylight/visual quality, indoor air quality and thermal comfort.

Better understanding leads to lower costs.

After evaluating its performance, we use our expertise in energy-efficient design to suggest practical solutions that help improve comfort, lower carbon emissions and reduce energy and operational costs.

Feedback from our calibrated models can kick-start improvements by helping companies to:

  • Conduct a range of energy audits
  • Evaluate operational efficiency and spot opportunities to improve it
  • Develop verification plans
  • Measure ongoing projects to gather useful feedback for users and data for corporate reports
  • Troubleshoot existing issues


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