Energy analysis

Successful design takes energy – and uses it well.

The role of energy is at the heart of our design service. Each project starts with a few simple questions. Where is energy needed? Can natural resources help with supply and savings? Can we boost rather than drain resources? And we’re off.

To get answers, we use different types of energy analysis and modelling to test the impact of changes to architecture and building systems. To stay ahead, we keep our thinking sharp and our tools sharper. By developing software in-house, we gain more relevant insights. These, in turn, let us fine-tune our approach to design issues.

Simply, our analysis is key to optimising all of a building’s energy performance at every design stage. It means we can provide critical information that helps solve issues and create user-friendly structures that perform multiple functions, all of them well.

We’re experts in energy modelling for small buildings up to city-scale masterplans.

  • Block modelling in the concept phase to help test early ideas
  • Parametric early-stage analysis to set path towards energy goals
  • Performance modelling to guide design decisions and inform low-energy/net zero design
  • Whole-building modelling for third-party benchmarking systems like LEED and BREEAM
  • Regulatory compliance with international energy codes including UK building regulations, California’s Title 24 energy code and many other national, state and city codes
  • Life cycle cost analysis (LCCA)
  • Dynamic thermal analysis
  • Computational fluid dynamic analysis
  • Verification to improve operation of existing buildings and energy savings
  • Energy modelling for utility incentives like NYSERDA, National Grid, and Savings By Design

What helps us, helps the international energy analysis community.

Our building technology team shares its knowledge with the wider industry, helping to keep the discipline one step ahead. Take a look at our reports and publications. Key people in the team also take on leadership roles in major engineering and energy organisations such as ASHRAE, CBE, CIBSE and IBPSA.


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