Sophia Gordon Center for Creative and Performing Arts

with Leers Weinzapfel Associates

An exemplar of sustainable design, over 75% of the existing Mainstage Theater structures were reused, insulated, and upgraded with a new curtain wall and exterior fixed shading system to frame the new theater entrance to the Sophia Gorden Center for Creative and Performing Arts at Salem State University.

Redesigned to accommodate building accessibility, improve public entry, and activate the landscape, the renovations prioritized attractive yet minimal landscape design, energy efficiency, and water conservation to promote sustainable design on the Salem State University campus. Atelier Ten worked closely with the team to exceed the LEED Silver requirement and achieve LEED Gold certification.

Atelier Ten provided whole building energy modeling to test a variety of energy efficiency strategies. The renovated building demonstrates a 28% energy cost reduction, exceeding the minimum 20% energy cost reduction required by Mass LEED Plus. The whole project also achieves a 32% reduction in energy consumption and 40 kBtu/sf total energy use intensity compared to a baseline building EUI of 60 kBtu/sf.

Ultra-low flow plumbing fixtures and controls minimize water consumption and demonstrates a potable water reduction of 40% below EPAct 2003 standards. The construction team procured a total of 24% recycled and 10% regionally-sourced materials, based on cost.