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Albert Nerken School of Engineering, Cooper Union

with Morphosis and Morphosis Architects

A long-awaited addition to this renowned New York institution, the school’s distinctive façade announces both its architectural design intent and smart green building choices.

Atelier Ten provided strategic peer review of the architectural and mechanical strategies of this building, with a focus on ensuring high-quality lighting and daylighting while optimizing the façade for reduced solar loads and optimizing strategies, particularly in the labs. Atelier Ten also ensured that the three-layer façade system (exterior shading, IGU and interior blinds) works in concert to create an optimal visual environment that is neither glary nor gloomy.

This building achieved LEED Platinum Certification through the use of several energy savings strategies such as the operation of the laboratory fume hoods. The lighting design team independently evaluated the lighting plans. By collaborating with the architect and their lighting consultants, Atelier Ten advised improvements to the reflectance values of the interior finishes to increase the overall luminance of these spaces.