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Adobe North Tower

with Gensler

Through a combination of effective massing, facade design and system selection, the new Adobe North Tower reduces its operational GHG emissions drastically. Atelier Ten led the design team in the critical decision to move from a mixed fuel building to an all-electric building by recommending design options that maximize energy efficiency and reduce GHG emissions.

Adobe North Tower will be the newest addition to Adobe’s headquarter complex in San Jose. Atelier Ten engaged with Gensler and Adobe in a deeply involved design process by guiding the performative design of the envelope and advanced energy systems. The façade design incudes an external shading system that maximizes daylight availability and visual comfort. Atelier Ten evaluated several façade options and advised the team on a building skin that carefully balances interior daylight experience to suit different program areas while maintaining views out.

Atelier Ten also worked with the team to design all-electric HVAC and food service systems. The all-electric concept allows the project to reduce carbon emissions while eliminating all on-site combustion. Atelier Ten led the development of the all-electric systems approach by evaluating several HVAC configurations to arrive at the solution that achieves efficiency, first cost and scheduling goals of the project. Other key energy efficiency measures include a high performance envelope, low lighting power, air-side economizing, close controlled HVAC systems, high efficiency air source heat pumps and water cooled chillers. These strategies are estimated to reduce the energy use of the building by 40% compared to a baseline building.