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Allston Masterplan, Harvard University

with Cooper, Robertson & Partners

Harvard University has planned a major campus expansion in the Allston neighborhood of Boston, which will add nearly four hundred acres and over ten million square feet to the campus over a fifty-year period.

Atelier Ten worked closely with the university and planning team to translate general university sustainability principles into a project specific sustainability framework.

Sustainability goals for major areas including landscape architecture, water conservation, transportation, and energy and utility engineering were identified by Atelier Ten’s masterplanning team. Atelier Ten also conducted research in several related areas with a view to developing innovative sustainable solutions for the masterplan. The solutions derived from this research included those for building orientation and massing for energy efficient design and comfortable micro climates; projecting the expected financial costs of carbon emissions offsets of regulatory minimum renewable energy sources in the design of the campus energy system; and designing integrated campus landscapes to naturally treat stormwater and promote biodiversity.