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Central Campus Masterplan, Duke University

with Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects

For Duke’s campus expansion, Atelier Ten provided the design team with the analysis and consulting necessary to implement sustainable guidelines in a comprehensive new masterplan.

This new central campus location will add much-needed state-of-the-art facilities to expand the university and replace existing low-rise student housing.

As part of the masterplanning effort, Atelier Ten supported the architecture and engineering team by analyzing the benefits and performance of different planning concepts on the design for buildings, transportation, and utilities infrastructure.

Atelier Ten also reviewed and evaluated existing university sustainability commitments to establish additional project goals. Atelier Ten helped guide design decisions as they pertained to energy systems, building massing and orientation, site planning, transportation, water management, and other sustainable design aspects of the project. The final design addressed the university’s future carbon emissions targets and incorporates strategies for renewable energy production.