St Paul’s Girls’ School

with John McAslan + Partners

The development includes the reconfiguration and consolidation of existing spaces together with new build elements in line with the option studies and masterplan.

The School consists of three separate sites which includes the Main School on Brook Green [where the majority of teaching accommodation is housed], the playing fields on Bute Gardens and the swimming pool on Brook Green.

The entire campus covers approximately 3.16 hectares and comprises some 13 buildings. It is formed of a series of independent projects, a combination of new elements and alterations to existing listed buildings. The proposed interventions and new buildings rationalise the existing school provisions, provide much needed additional teaching and social spaces and provide qualitative improvement to the site. Sustainability and low carbon design lie at the core of the St Paul’s Girls’ School project as a whole. The proposed development aims to establish itself as an exemplar of sustainable educational facilities, satisfy the requirements of the current planning policy, and meet and potentially exceed the Building Regulations standards, wherever it is technically, functionally and economically viable.