UT Austin Dell Medical School Learning, Discovery, and Transformation Building

with ZGF Architects

Part of the new 21st century medical campus, Atelier Ten worked with the design team the state-of-the-art Learning, Discovery, and Transformation Buildings.

The Health Discovery Building is a state of the art facility housing classrooms, research space, and a vivarium. The design achieves a 42% energy cost savings acheived through air flow optimization using chilled beams, reduced space cooling and heating loads, and efficient lighting design. The research building connects to the Health Transformation Building designed as a flexible core and shell structure intended for future clinical use. Both projects achieved LEED Gold certification.

Atelier Ten’s lighting design strategy contributed a 3.3% annual energy consumption savings. Advanced lighting controls are used to minimize energy through the use of daylight sensors, occupancy and vacancy sensors, programmable dimming, and schedule based controls. Energy efficient LED and fluorescent sources provide a high quality visual environment while minimizing connected lighting power load. The overall lighting power density is 25% below the space-by-space LPD allowed by ASHRAE 90.1 2010.