633 Folsom

with Gensler and The Swig Company

Creating a healthy and daylit workplace was the biggest driver for this renovation and expansion of a 1960’s midrise office building into a modern office tower. Atelier Ten’s daylight analysis optimized natural light and views in every office while reducing glare to create a comfortable and healthy workplace of the future.

The existing building expands upwards with five new floors, or approximately 90,000 square feet of new space. The existing building and new addition have a unique and singular identity with a customized hood design. Atelier Ten worked closely with the design team to achieve a modern and sophisticated aesthetic that maximizes shading and reduces glare; a balance of form and function. Even the staircases are daylit to promote their use and activate the employees within.

Going beyond code requirements, the project is pursuing LEED Gold certification and WELL Silver certification. Atelier Ten worked with the developer to prioritize their health and wellness goals, provided recommendations on health and wellness design guidelines for the project team, and is tracking the project’s credit achievement through the LEED and WELL systems.