KPMG Reading

with MCM

Atelier Ten continued their relationship with KPMG by completing the MEP and Environmental Design for their offices in Reading.

Continuing with the theme of creating spaces which are not only functional but also benefit the health and wellbeing of the client’s staff who work in the building. Various multi-sensory concepts were explored such as thermal alliesthesia by varying the temperature in different areas of the floorplate allows occupants to move around the space and experience warm or cold stimuli dependant on their current state i.e. an occupant who is cold could move to a warmer area and to experience warm stimuli. Another area of the senses which was targeted was smell through olfactory design. Introducing scents through the ventilation system enhanced the occupants experience within the space.

In addition to cutting edge technology Atelier Ten are also keen to challenge client’s current design standards to improve efficiency and quality of their buildings. An example was an alternative demand driven kitchen ventilation solution by using multiple sensors within the central cooking canopy which fed back to the kitchen air handling unit and modulated its speed to suit the load. This avoided running the kitchen at constant speed and saves up to 30% energy consumption for this system.