300 Kansas Street

with El Dorado Architects and Form4 Architecture

300 Kansas Street is the first Zero-Carbon, all-electric Core & Shell R&D & advanced manufacturing facility in San Francisco. Atelier Ten led carbon and sustainability strategy for this ambitious project aiming to go beyond LEED and strive for Zero Carbon certification.

Atelier Ten led carbon and sustainability strategy for 300 Kansas. All-electric, low-energy systems and lighting substantially reduce operational demand. Embodied carbon savings from concrete mix optimization, steel sourcing, and careful finish material selection further reduced carbon. Remaining carbon will be eliminated through purchased offsets and green power to pursue Zero Carbon certification.

300 Kansas also features a green roof integrating recreational space and native vegetation, promoting wellness, sustainability, and great views. The green roof reduces rainwater runoff & heat island effect and acts as a habitat for pollinators like bees and butterflies.

Atelier Ten’s daylight analysis informed the façade design to maximize access to daylight without glare. A sawtooth geometry and shading screens on the East and West facades achieve the same result.