450 West 33rd Street slider image
450 West 33rd Street slider image

450 West 33rd Street

with REX Architects

As one of a few office buildings in Manhattan to offer more than 100,000 square feet of contiguous space on a single floor plate, 450 West 33rd Street has been designed with sustainable principles, guiding the property to its LEED Certified target.

450 West 33rd Street is an existing office building undergoing a core and shell renovation and repositioning to become a Class A competitive office building. The renovation includes site improvements to the surrounding sidewalk and a new semi-covered landscaped plaza offering public seating amenities and direct views of the adjacent High Line park.

Atelier Ten provided environmental design consulting services for the building improvements, which include recladding of the existing façade to a fully glazed pleated curtain wall and maximizing daylight penetration and views, while minimizing solar heat gain through its geometric self shading configuration. Improved energy performance is achieved through upgrades to the elevators and substantial upgrades to the HVAC system. Atelier Ten guided the design team in the certification process for the LEED 2009 rating system for Core and Shell.