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Health Services Center, Yale University slider image

Health Services Center, Yale University

with Mack Scogin Merrill Elam Architects

For the LEED Gold certified Health Services Center at Yale, the building’s unique environmental and healthy buildings design reflects the center’s mission to provide care and promote health and well-being. Atelier Ten tested, recommended, and implemented sustainable and innovative health-driven strategies to optimize patient and staff comfort while reducing energy use.

The new Yale Health Services Center includes state-of-the-art healthcare practice facilities, laboratories, and other medical support spaces to foster operational efficiencies and continued growth. Atelier Ten supported the use of the Green Guide for Health Care program to steer design decisions and operational policies that not only improve energy performance but also support occupant wellness and comfort. A green roof, daylit atrium, low-VOC furniture and finishes, outdoor places of respite, and a green housekeeping plan are some measures Atelier Ten analyzed for environmental performance and maintainability.

Visual and thermal comfort is essential to keep patients healthy and staff productive. Atelier Ten analyzed the building massing to increase views from within and daylight the interior of this densely occupied building. Multiple atria and increased façade articulations give views to private outdoor green spaces and improve the daylight access. To prevent occupants from environmental harm, non-toxic finishes and green building materials such as paint, composite wood and adhesives are used exclusively throughout the interior. The building is served by a filtered 100% fresh air ventilation system that maintains high air quality in all spaces to protect occupant health. To reduce energy use related to heating and cooling, Atelier Ten assessed several energy efficient building systems measures including chilled beams, heat recovery and an electric lighting system with low lighting power densities.