Building 1 Eden Campus

with Oberlanders

St. Andrews University has recently completed the refurbishment of an old finished goods store built in 1887 into a state of the art work space and the construction of a new standalone laboratory for its students as part of Eden Campus in Guardbridge.

Building 1 is a multi-use space with a range of facilities for researchers developing small-scale prototypes, dedicated lab spaces and engineering workshops meant it was imperative for Atelier Ten to understand the key requirements of each individual space within in the building. Therefore, Atelier Ten developed the concept design for Building 1 and the Dry Laboratory Building, at the Eden Campus with a view to delivering a low energy, healthy and vibrant building for all stakeholders.

One of the most important aspects within the project is the ventilation systems. Rooms such as the X-Genix lab is ventilated via a dedicated HRU with integral Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP). From the Heat Recovery Unit (HRU) ducting distributes fresh air to serve ceiling mounted diffusers. The area also encompasses Fume Cupboards. Consideration was given to make up air requirements.

The Coater room is served by an AHU with integral ASHP. The fresh air is distributed via ducting and ceiling mounted diffusers. Fresh and extract air are based upon local LEV flow rates from a Coater machine. Special consideration has been given to products being extracted from the Coater machine and fire strategy of the building to provide a safe work environment for the students.

All of the above has involved consideration of environmental engineering strategies, equipment selection and maintenance regimes, recognising the key drivers and requirements with the University of St Andrews Engineering Specification.