UK North Summer Promotions 2024

We’re celebrating our summer promotions! Learn what each staff member is most proud of and what they are excited to accomplish in the upcoming year.

Nathaniel Hague – Associate Director
In my two-year journey at Atelier Ten, I’ve been deeply involved in advancing projects with a steadfast commitment to sustainability, embracing cutting-edge practices to set an example in the industry. Notably, our team has witnessed remarkable growth since my inception. Last January marked a significant milestone as we established our new office space, symbolising the culmination of our progress. As we’ve expanded, our collective expertise has only flourished, empowering us to tackle increasingly ambitious endeavours. Looking ahead, I eagerly anticipate leveraging my experience to foster the development and expansion of the Manchester team. With a passion for innovation and a drive for excellence, I’m poised to contribute to the realisation of captivating and forward-thinking projects that continue to redefine energy and sustainability standards.

Gabriel Connor – Associate Director

Being part of the support team gets me involved in almost every part of the business, I enjoy the varied role and look forward to the challenges experienced every day. Going forward I would like to continue my growth within the company and help contribute to more success for the business.

Kelly Allardice – Associate
It has been a quick year for me at Atelier Ten, straight into the Perth High School project as it headed towards a start on site. Initially it was a challenge to get up to speed on the project, however with help from all my colleagues the challenge quickly faded as the works progressed on site and I settled into the office.  The company has great talent and it has been a pleasure to meet and work with everyone. I’m now looking forward to the future with Atelier Ten by working on some fantastic projects and helping our young talented engineers to progress.

Zac Vandevoir – Senior Sustainability Consultant
It’s hard to single out one project that I am most proud of. I started out at Atelier Ten with a background in building physics / thermal modelling and have branched out over the last few years into more detailed daylighting, overheating, embodied carbon, compliance and operational energy assessments as well as gaining a decent knowledge of Scottish Building Regulations in addition to the English. Projects located in London have tended to be the most challenging with all of the additional GLA planning policies. The introduction of Part L & Part O 2021 (UK) allowed me to be at the forefront of figuring out how to comply with the latest regulations and help Atelier Ten maintain and grow its reputation in Manchester and the built environment sector in general.

Oliver Metcalfe – Senior Mechanical Engineer
Embarking on a new chapter as a Senior Mechanical Engineer, I have honed my skills through the management of diverse commercial projects. From overseeing mechanical and electrical design to ensuring sustainability deliverables are met from planning to post-construction. This promotion marks a milestone in my career, reflecting a commitment to my position here at Atelier Ten and a passion for sustainable engineering. Excited for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, I look forward to making a lasting impact in this new role.

Scott Gilles – Fire Engineer
I have enjoyed working on a range of different projects since joining Atelier Ten, from residential and office buildings to whiskey distilleries and schools, most notably, 28 St Andrews Square hotel and Faifley Campus school. I am very much looking forward to seeing Ibrox Stadium Accessibility project reach completion by the summer, to see the entire process from the start through to completion will be very rewarding. I’m excited to learn even more within the new role and continue to work on exciting projects.