Expanding Atelier Ten’s Technical Know-How

Atelier Ten is pleased to welcome Emir Pekdemir, ASHRAE BEMP, to our Energy Analysis team. As an Associate in our New York office, Emir leverages advanced building simulation tools to solve intricate building physics challenges encountered in complex designs.

Emir further expands Atelier Ten’s technical know-how, with particular expertise in dynamic energy and airflow modeling, hydrothermal modeling, daylight/glare simulations, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), and other façade analytics ranging from double-skin façade studies, dew point analysis for assessing condensation risk, and short-wave vs long-wave heat transfer modeling for thermal comfort studies. He enhances design teams’ decision making by modeling and analyzing complex façades.

As demonstrated in the diagram above, Emir works with project teams to analyze complex facades to determine short-term and long-term environmental and financial implications. The diagram above compares two façade options: typical and high-performance. The typical façade has less up-front financial and embodied carbon investment, but results in higher utility costs and operational carbon emissions. On the right, the high-performance façade requires a larger up-front financial and embodied carbon investment up-front, but results in lower utility costs and operational carbon emissions. The more expensive façade also results in a reduction of heating and/or cooling system size, which saves first cost and embodied carbon footprint of mechanical systems.

Beyond façade analysis, Emir has been focusing on electrification and overall decarbonization at individual building and campus level. He has been dissecting the biggest movers in energy and carbon, while refining Atelier Ten’s approach to details such as time of use emissions and its interaction with load shifting, battery storage, demand responses, etc.

Join us in welcoming Emir to our team!