Welcome New York’s Newest Director

Atelier Ten is thrilled to announce that Joshua Spitzig joins the Atelier Ten’s leadership team as a Director of our New York office!

As leader of the New York lighting studio, Josh strives to tell the story of spaces with both artistry and technical expertise. With over two decades of experience in lighting design, Josh’s approach to lighting is to design environments that promote sustainability, wellness, safety and beauty. He has been instrumental in some of the firm’s most ambitious lighting projects ranging from parks, university campuses, stadiums, museums, offices, hotels, and residences. Josh is currently designing the lighting on the Ellinikon park in Athens, which blends innovation and sustainability to enhance the urban landscape of a former airport site. In addition, he recently completed the award-winning RiverFront park revitalization in downtown Omaha that includes three thoughtfully illuminated parks: Gene Leahy MallHeartland of America Park and Lewis & Clark Landing.

To celebrate his promotion, we asked Josh about some of the memorable moments in his career (so far!) with Atelier Ten…


What lighting topic(s) have you been diving into lately?

Over the years, I’ve become obsessed with designing outdoor lighting that balances efficient coverage with excellent glare control. This is relatively easy indoors, where there’s usually a lot of ambient light and low glare. But outside, with lights on poles against a dark tree canopy or night sky, it’s a different experience. Keeping light out of people’s eyes preserves their night vision and reduces the need for excess illumination.

I love working with lighting manufacturers to develop this kind of human-centric tech. On the Omaha RiverFront project, we collaborated with several manufacturers to create custom and modified fixtures. In one area, the landscape architect, OJB, had shade canopies that are shaped like martini glasses. We needed to illuminate the ground below without causing glare. So, we worked with Luminii Lighting to incorporate a 3D-printed louver inside the fixture’s resin. It was installed at an angle under the canopy so it directed a lot of light down to the ground but very little light came out to the side. I really enjoy getting into that kind of detail.


When you are designing landscape lighting, what are the most important factors that you consider and/or that make the biggest impact in the occupant experience?

Aligning with the landscape architect’s vision is crucial, as it ensures harmony between the daytime programming and the nighttime experience. Understanding their goals for how the space should feel and function after dark is key. Being intentional about contrast has the biggest impact on the occupant experience, making the space both visually appealing and comfortable.


How do you approach sustainability in your lighting design?

As lighting designers at a sustainability consulting firm, sustainability is in our DNA. Among other efforts, our team has been at the forefront of tracking embodied carbon in the lighting industry, which helps us consider the entire lifecycle of the lighting products we specify.

Also, when we think about sustainability, we also need to think about wellness. They go hand in hand.  Well-designed, human-centric lighting can reduce eye strain, improve sleep patterns, and just make people more comfortable overall. So create lighting solutions that are good for the planet and great for people is a big part of my lighting design work.


What lighting priorities have you seen in the industry lately? Have you seen any major shifts in priorities since you started working at Atelier Ten?

For outdoor lighting, I’ve seen a noticeable shift toward warmer lighting as people start to have a better understanding of how artificial light affects people and nature. In general, there’s a lot more emphasis on lighting that is not only efficient but also has a positive impact on the humans that use the lighting. This holistic approach to design, considering both environmental impact and human well-being, represents a significant shift in industry priorities.


What are you most excited about in your new role as Divisional Director?

This new role gives me more opportunities to drive innovative lighting solutions that push the boundaries of design and sustainability. Strengthening client relationships and making a bigger impact on high-profile projects is something I’m looking forward to. This role lets me mix strategic oversight with creative design, making a tangible difference in our projects and the industry.


Beyond work, any other exciting news in your life?

I’m looking forward to a big trip with some old friends and their families this summer. I’ve also taken on the role of Pinewood Derby Coordinator for my son’s Cub Scout troop.

Join us in welcoming Josh to our New York leadership team!