Power Shift

Adobe’s new headquarters project is an early adopter of full-building electrification despite big regulatory and market barriers. Adobe and the Design Team are tackling uncertainties associated with the electrification strategy to pave the way for future projects. Join Atelier Ten’s Shruti Kasarekar, Adobe and Taylor Engineering, for the discussion at the 2020 Net Zero Building Conference on September 16th at 11 AM.

One of the most pressing issues in the green building industry is building electrification. The team will discuss specific information on its impact on energy consumption, resiliency and carbon emissions. Through a real project example, considerations affecting design and construction of strategies related to electrification will be presented to be a source of inspiration for future projects.

“Decarbonization & electrification in the built environment is needed urgently and strategies cannot be one-size-fits-all as carbon emissions vary by region & time of the day.” Shruti Kasarekar is an industry leader on this topic and the presentation will showcase the creative thinking developed for Adobe’s new HQ project. Read more about Shruti’s thought leadership in her white paper “An All-Electric Built Environment