The Connaught Christmas Tree

The secret to a good Christmas tree is lights, lights, and more lights

As temperatures drop and the annual mince pie competition begins, one can look over London and watch as Christmas trees crop up, gradually at first, one by one, and then in an excited rush. This year, we helped Sir Michael Craig-Martin create a tree for the Connaught Hotel that stands nine metres proud and changes continually, minute by minute.

It struck me that however beautiful, most Christmas trees are static, unchanging. I wanted to make a tree that was dynamic. I decided to engulf the tree in lights and find a way to introduce a full palette of ever changing colours.
– Sir Michael Craig-Martin CBE

12,000 individually addressable LED pixels are used to transform the tree with ever changing dynamic sequences of light using Michael’s distinct colour palette. The result is a tree that is as striking as it is minimal, and as complex as it is familiar. It is a tree that refuses to be static…and we think that’s pretty extraordinary.