Saving Existing Buildings to Save the World

We need to tackle global climate change faster than we thought – really within the next 10 years. And to make significant change we need to make smarter decisions with our existing building stock. At Greenbuild 2020, Emilie Hagen brings together architects from ZGF Architects and Hacker Architects to discuss the design challenges inherent in updating these buildings for the future.

We as designers have an imperative to extend what we’ve learned from high performance new construction buildings to creative renovations of existing building stock. To renovate rather than replace these buildings will save embodied carbon; to equip them with all-electric, net-zero ready systems will eliminate operational carbon, and to improve indoor environmental quality will make them great places to be so that people will take care of them long into the future.


Saving Existing Buildings to Save the World

Thursday, November 12th

1:30 PM – 3:00 PM CST