Macaulay Road Kensington

with Fieldwork

A unique housing model that is founded upon social, environmental and financial sustainability principles; including a community engagement model that is a City of Melbourne Resilient Communities exemplar.

This multi-residential development within old industrial area of Kensington includes 73 apartments in a split-form 8 storey building. This strategy allows the potential for good natural daylight, cross-ventilation and passive cooling benefit to units.

The strong focus on sustainability includes utilisation of passive design solutions and a minimised reliance on mechanical heating and cooling, through an enhanced thermal envelope and exposed thermal mass. durable materials, on-site solar generation, flexible community spaces, good access to natural light and a focus on cross flow ventilation to There’s also bike ramps for people to park bikes and personal health and wellbeing spaces that can be booked for yoga and other activities.

Atelier Ten worked with the client to create an all-electric building with an innovative client-run embedded network to distribute green energy from the PV array in the future and help achieve an average NatHERS 7 Star rating. We also fine tuned high-efficiency centralised heat pump hot water storage.