A Changing Grid Means Changing Buildings, Greenbuild 2023

​Although grid harmonization isn’t a common coffee shop topic yet, it is a growing topic in the energy, engineering, and infrastructure community. Building owners and design teams are looking at how their buildings are powered now – and how they will need to be powered in the future – with the transition from a traditional power grid to one that is mainly supplied by renewable sources.

Join New York’s Nathan Vader on Friday, September 29th from 9:45-10:45am as he discusses the ever-changing grid and the impact this will have on the built environment. The session will include four distinct topics around grid harmonization including seasonal grid harmonization, better understanding for building owners and facilities teams, climate demand and lower emissions, and implementing continuous load control.

​Nathan will be joined by Henry Richardson from WattTime, Edie Taylor from RMI, and Brian Turner from CMTA Engineers. The panel will provide an overview of the grid-interactive efficient buildings strategies used and the emissions reductions achieved.

The overall discussion will:

  • Identify the challenges of seasonal grid balancing of renewable energy sources and how buildings can help rather than further contribute to grid mismatch.
  •  Explain the best practices for communicating the value of grid harmonization in building operations to various key stakeholders.
  • Explain the challenges of electrification in winter climates and the rising need for grid responsiveness.
  •  Demonstrate the strategies for overcoming the challenges of implementing continuous load control in commercial building HVAC to achieve emissions reductions.

We look forward to an insightful conversation and hope to see you there.