All-electric buildings: what you need to know

Words by Patrick Bellew for RIBAJ

Architects can design better for a fossil free future if they join the all-electric revolution

There is at last a sense of urgency that the climate crisis is upon us and we need to decarbonise our lives – and soon. This is not an issue that can be solved easily, but there is a broadly accepted global vision for a zero-carbon built environment that depends on two key strategies.

Firstly, a big reduction in demand on the energy network through efficiency improvements and optimisation and a complete stop to the burning of fossil fuels. Next, a decarbonisation of the energy supply through an increase in the use of zero-carbon and renewable energy.

Designers have a significant role to play in minimising the peaks and troughs in demand by flattening the demand curve where we can through low-carbon design, load management and energy storage, both thermal and electric.

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