Newark Liberty International Airport Terminal A

with Grimshaw Architects and STV

Expanding on Atelier Ten’s planning work directly for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, our work continues as part of the design-build Tutor Perini/Parsons team. Atelier Ten developed the project’s approach to sustainability, developed strategies to enhance occupant comfort for passengers and employees, and emphasized design solutions that will provide long-term durability.

Newark Liberty International Airport is completing a major expansion in order to further improve the level of passenger service. Airport terminals by their sheer size and nature of operations are large consumers of resources, particularly energy, and thus represent excellent opportunities for meaningful change.

Atelier Ten’s comprehensive building performance energy modeling predicts a 33% energy savings relative to ASHRAE 90.1-2010. Innovative solutions like energy efficient motors and belts for the baggage handling system and auxilary power units at the departure gates, helped to reduce the equipment loads that were the primary driver for energy consumption.

Atelier Ten’s solar radiation and daylighting analysis optimized the building envelope to create an engaging daylit interior environment. For an airport terminal, visual and thermal comfort are two key components of indoor environmental quality. Shading strategies were integrated for the critical fa├žades to help mitigate direct sun and associated glare.