Canopy Park

A computer generated video of the park is now available online, providing a glimpse of the large lush indoor garden.

Project Jewel will be a large mixed-used complex at the heart of Singapore’s Changi Airport. It is flanked by Terminals 1, 2 and 3 and will have a total gross area of over 121,000m².

A key part of Project Jewel is the Canopy Park. Designed for travelers and visitors, the park is located on top of the retail development, occupying large percentage of the building’s total area. The entire park is covered by a large glass roof; Atelier Ten is providing strategic environmental design and analysis to ensure comfortable conditions for visitors whilst allowing the right environmental for horticultural needs.

The Canopy Park is a world-class leisure attraction that includes various experiences such as bridges suspended 23m above ground; mazes, including world’s first mirror maze set in a garden; life-size animal topiaries; sculpted fun slides; playgrounds for children; sky nets for walking on the treetops and the world’s tallest indoor waterfall, the Rain Vortex.

Atelier Ten has made a series of studies to simultaneously analyse and coordinate the relationship of various elements that will influence the final design. We undertook a study of the air conditioning system integration to check it meets specific requirements. We have also completed daylight modelling, cladding optimization studies, thermal comfort studies, computational fluid dynamics studies, HVAC concept design and renewable energy feasibility studies.