Younha Rhee in CLADmag

Our own Younha Rhee has written an article for this quarter’s CLADmag. The article discusses the meaning of healthy buildings and how it will impact the future of the built environment.

Explaining the difference between healthy and sustainable buildings, Younha’s article expresses a clear idea of why healthy buildings are so important to the way we live today. It also highlights why ‘healthy’ is more than just this year’s buzzword and that it will be an essential element to how we design buildings in the future.

Reflecting on her past as an architecture student at Yale, Younha describes how buildings and their environments can have a large impact on its users – positive or negative. She then goes onto discuss how sustainable design and healthy buildings can work together to produce buildings which benefit human health.

“Having become an environmental designer focusing on the design of ‘healthy buildings’, I now realise that my sleepiness was probably the result of high CO2 levels due to poor ventilation in the basement, and that the design of the building did impact my levels of alertness.”

The article is engaging and thought provoking, and well worth a read. You can read the full article in CLADmag 2016 issue 3 or here.