London Spring Promotions 2024

We’re celebrating our spring promotions! Learn what each staff member is most proud of and what they are excited to accomplish in the upcoming year.

Adam Lancaster, Director
The project I am most proud of working on at Atelier Ten is Al Sharaan! It was the first project I had worked on; the project is a new resort feature with 40 suites, pavilions, and villas, and will be located in a valley deep inside the Sharaan Nature Reserve, especially chosen for its dramatic landscape of high cliffs, rocky plateaus, and spectacular sand dunes. The resort excavated and concealed in the rock and was my first insight into how Atelier Ten pushes boundaries, developing MEP & Environmental strategies that maximise the use of the natural environment around them, minimising energy consumption (and plant).

I’m excited about the conversation on embodied vs operational carbon, and how that is impacting design choices. I’m excited to see the new outcomes on projects, and how Atelier Ten can guide our Client through this evolving process.

Aisha Abdullahi, Public Health Engineer 1
The project I’m most proud of is 65 Gresham Street! It was my first project at Atelier Ten where I began to learn what it is to be a Public Health Engineer, and applied the technical knowledge I learnt previously in my studies and training to practice.

I am excited to continue learning in the field that I am in, and use programmes like Revit as it has been helpful when it comes to MEP coordination or trying to conceptualise a potential idea. I am also excited to work on a Stage 4 project in the future!

Angus Alder, Mechanical Engineer 1
I am most proud of my work on the RWS Waterfront Icon in Singapore. The challenges on this project have been numerous, and the priorities on this project lean strongly towards aesthetics over functionality, making MEP design incredibly difficult. Despite this, we managed to propose an elegant solution to serve this building’s mechanical needs. This project also allowed me to explore more independent work, conversing with the wider design team and the client.

I am excited to begin work again on the Singer Street project when RIBA Stage 3 begins – there are a range of building types on this project, providing plenty of variety to the MEP design and allowing me to learn a great deal about UK building services design. As well as this, the project is just down the road, so site visits will be very convenient!

Ben Brodie, Senior Graphic Designer
To be honest most of the work I’m happiest with is still under wraps for now. That said, I’m proud of being given the trust to experiment at a project’s early stage when we’re hashing out a visual style. The graphics team is getting better with every project in my opinion, and the work coming in at the minute is inspiring to match.

I’m excited to support the Business Development team in putting Atelier Ten’s best foot forward with new and refined marketing materials. The company’s brand and visual identity has an established effectiveness behind it that make it a fun challenge to push further. It’s a fun step away from project graphics and I’m ready to do it justice.

Eva Meadowcroft, Mechanical Engineer 2
The project that I am most proud of from my time at Atelier Ten so far is The Mark, an office re-development in the City of London. This was the project that I felt like I had taken on more responsibility and was more involved on a variety of different aspects of a design process, which made me reflect on how much I have learnt and experienced in the last 2.5 years since joining Atelier Ten. It really enabled me to problem solve and develop my understanding of specific design software and systems involved in all disciplines of Building Services.

I have very recently completed a 3-month long rotation in our Environmental Team at Atelier Ten. This was an exciting challenge for me to pursue as it involved learning a new discipline and the processes and skills around it, as well as gaining a more holistic view of sustainable design. I am looking forward to applying this knowledge and understanding to my work and continuing to practice IESVE software.

Jeanne Davidson, Associate Benchmarking Specialist
I am most proud of Space House! It’s such a unique project and came with its own challenges e.g. being a Grade II listed building. It has achieved a BREEAM Outstanding rating at Design Stage and we’re looking to carry that forward at PCR. My new role will deal with less project work and more strategy on the Benchmarking side (particularly for WELL) so I’m looking forward to taking on these new challenges and streamlining the Benchmarking process for our Environmental Designers.

Lawrence Monfort, Senior Environmental Designer
I can think of two projects I’m most proud of: The Shenzhen Airport East Integrated Transport Hub and the Frasers Campus in Coventry. Shenzhen airport was interesting because of the clever approach we had to making the building more bioclimatic – our parametric tools ensured that we’re balancing solar gains with daylight performance across all facades by using an aspect ratio as a versatile metric. Frasers Campus is a masterplan project wherein the scope covers most areas in sustainability relating to the built environment. It was a challenge to work on a project of that scale but it was also equally rewarding to be able to tie everything together in the end.

I’ve always been an advocate of exploring data-driven solutions and advanced computational design. I’m happy that Atelier Ten is always at the forefront of all these cutting-edge methodologies and bringing intelligence into tangible space. It’s exciting to see what impact we can have on the industry by always pushing boundaries while collaborating with the relevant trades.

Marianne Löwgren, Business Development Manager
Stepping into my 5th year at Atelier ten, I am really excited to take on and explore a new route in my career. It’s all about taking a new perspective on how to make an impact and drive change – using my technical background as an environmental engineer/designer, to leverage and expand the horizon of regenerative design in our built environment on a corporate level.

I could not be more keen to engage with and support our clients in the transition of moving away from doing less bad to genuinely create holistic positive impact for the planet, people and economy. Sustainability is not a ’nice to have’ anymore. It has become crucially important for attracting finance as well as for market driven financial returns in our industry. And we know how to do this! That’s why I see it as an important responsibility (and huge motivation) to work towards upscaling the delivery of our sustainable design solutions in the built environment, branded with the Atelier Ten ethos.

My motto? ’People not projects’ – a phrase a good friend introduced me to some time ago. I believe this defines the ultimate core of business development – building that trust to ensure our clients that we care about the outcome, taking ownership of shaping the design to achieve best-in-class performance and comfort within the boundaries of planetary health.

Michael Tsang, Environmental Designer 2
I’ve learned a lot and enjoyed working with the Design Team on Belgrove House, a new laboratory/ office building at Kings Cross. Some of the interesting sustainability stories around the project include the integration of biophilia within the façade for occupant wellbeing and the reuse of approximately 60,000 bricks from the demolished building in Acorn House, a nearby affordable housing development.

Belgrove House is currently on site so I’m looking forward to seeing the building when it’s completed. Life sciences is an exciting sector to be involved in so I’m also looking forward to seeing Belgrove House as an exemplar development for the sector!

Mike Ng, Senior Public Health Engineer
I am most proud of 33-35 Piccadilly, it is an amazing project involving greater level of details in revit. In the coming year, I am hoping to get more involved in various uses of building and develop further in resourcing, finance, and bidding process

Mihir Deshpande, Mechanical Engineer 1
My first project with Atelier Ten was a large luxury estate in Kuwait with Zaha Hadid Architects. I produced CFD analysis comparing perimeter trench cooling with wall diffusers. The analysis I produced led the design team to adopt the most effective cooling method for the project. I am quite proud of having produced a piece of analysis that informed the direction of the cooling strategy so early on in my time at Atelier Ten.

Looking ahead, I am excited to continue working on projects which encourage innovative methods and techniques. I am keen to expand my knowledge of numerical simulations and CFD and hopefully have the opportunity to do more of it very soon!

Volkan Doda, Head of Design Technologies
The most exciting projects I support are often sensitive and confidential. Among these, leading the environmental design works for a luxury resort poetically carved into existing rocks in a remote desert location may well remain the highlight of my career by the time I retire. We informed the design of this unique and highly complicated development by deriving innovative methods that combine first principles with cutting edge analysis software and learned many invaluable lessons along the way.

We are creating my new role for the first time which I will continue to define and reinvent over the next months and years. It will help us remain at the forefront of the rapidly changing world of design technologies so that we can continue pushing the boundaries of data-driven innovative sustainable design and catalyse the regenerative future we strive for. This is both a very exciting opportunity and a significant challenge for me, as it will require a lot of focused learning and delivery in a very dynamic field.

Rafal Boron, Public Health Engineer 2

Abubakar Salim, Senior Electrical Engineer

Alexander Zenin, Electrical Engineer 2

Hanad Elmi, Electrical Engineer 1

Manthan Patel, Electrical Engineer 1

Margarita Kobrina, Environmental Designer 2

Oscar Booth, Mechanical Engineer 2

Samantha Berry, Mechanical Engineer 1

Shaya Mohammad, Environmental Designer 2

Leanne Matthews, Head of Administration