Looking Forward – US Promotions

Atelier Ten is excited to announce the latest promotions in the US. Learn what each staff member is excited to accomplish in the upcoming year!

Madeline Gradillas, Associate

From her thermal comfort work on the Uber Headquarters, Madeline has been an eager advocate of occupant comfort. Madeline is looking forward to investigating electrochromatic glazing and dynamic shading systems for several projects in the upcoming year. Although dynamic systems are always challenging to model and understand, they uniquely respond to both occupants and the outside environment.

Prateek Jain, Sr. Environmental Designer

Prateek’s excited to see the Gateway of Pacific 2 and 3 buildings near completion as they were one of his and Atelier Ten’s first embodied-carbon focused projects. He is looking forward to continuing to implement low-carbon design solutions and make as much of a dent in greenhouse gas emissions as he can.

Saxon Gibbs, Sr. Environmental Designer

Saxon has become one of the firm’s healthy building design experts with her work on the LEED and WELL Gold certified 633 Folsom project. She is excited to gain further experience using the new analysis tools in Climate Studio to model daylight and thermal comfort. She is also pursuing Living Future Accreditation and hopes to use this to expand her knowledge of whole life carbon analysis.

Maggie Smith, Sr. Environmental Designer

After working on the low-carbon mass timber County Office Building #3 for San Mateo, Maggie is excited for the various life cycle analysis work still to come. She has helped Atelier Ten develop internal tools and guidance while also talking with other industry stakeholders about new and innovative ways to reduce carbon in the built environment.

Liu Liu, Sr. Environmental Designer

After working on half of the 11 buildings that were part of the LEED Platinum UC Merced 2020 Project, Liu is excited to work with his colleagues on a new HVAC system design visualization tool. “Project Zephyr” will create a drag and drop diagram library that can be a visual representation of the complex HVAC design.

Tess McNamara, Sr. Environmental Designer

Tess is excited to start construction on the Bronx Animal Care Center after two years of designing the project to meet New York’s ambitious sustainability goals. As part of Atelier Ten’s Resilience Working Group, she is developing a new hazard assessment tool to make an accessible framework that project teams can use to assess hazard exposure for their sites.

Joseph Guida, Environmental Designer

Joseph is excited to continue work on the Indiana University Health Hospital project in the coming year. He has been supporting the project to study various envelope strategies for daylighting benefits, indoor thermal comfort, and heat gain reduction.

Nicole Nishizawa, Environmental Designer

Nicole is working on the AIA National Headquarters Renovation and developing a new materials approach that is both high impact and achievable for a typical project interested in healthier and low-carbon materials. She is also looking forward to expanding her work to corporate sustainability to help businesses run their operations in an environmentally responsible way.

Aneri Shah, Environmental Designer

With the opportunity to work on many mixed-use lab and office projects this past year, Aneri is excited by the challenges presented by this project types and has explored all-electric alternatives. This coming year, Aneri is looking forward to contributing towards building more robust inhouse tools for enhancing data visualization as part of the energy analysis practice.