London Spring Promotions 2023

We’re celebrating our spring promotions! Learn what project each staff member is most proud of and what they are excited to accomplish in the upcoming year:

Jixing Shen, Electrical Engineer
It is my pleasure to be part of KGX Google London Headquarter project design team. Three years ago, I made my decision to be an electrical design engineer. First week I joined Atelier Ten, I was given some difficult technical problems to solve, thanks to the trust the project leader had in my abilities. The experience I obtained from KGX has been precious to my career – and my son is very proud of his mother participating in designing such a landmark.

One of the challenges I’m looking forward to is providing support to junior engineers, making sure it is comprehensive and they are receiving the technical coaching they deserve.

Caryn Yeow, Mechanical Engineer
I am most proud of my involvement on 334 Oxford Street, as I have been given a high level of responsibility and been able to coordinate on an interesting project with the external design team. In particular, my calculation of the embodied carbon associated with MEP on this project has gone on to form the basis of the methodology used by Atelier Ten on other projects, and I presented this work to the wider industry at a CIBSE panel event. As we approach 2050 and our net zero commitments, it is critical that we understand how much our buildings contribute and how to minimise this impact on the environment – so I look forward to rolling this method out to future projects and leading the team in the uptake and development of this process.

Lucy Bennett, Public Health Engineer
I am most proud of 334 Oxford Street – it is the first project I have worked on from Stage 1 to Stage 4 and we are just beginning on site. There were several complicated aspects of the design which I have really enjoyed getting stuck into. We are also combining rainwater harvesting with greywater recycling which, alongside low flow fittings, gives a very good water consumption for the building.

We are in the early stages of Green City Kigali – a project in Rwanda that combines innovative technology with a community focused design approach that has allowed us to come up with creative solutions to save and reuse water. I am excited to see how the design develops.

Mike Ng, Public Health Engineer
I am most proud of working on a Project Roots, which won “best new development” at the MIPIM Awards 2023.

I have worked on different projects with various workflows, I particularly found using Revit could assist greatly on presenting ideas and coordination. Mastering this software would definitely be beneficial to the teams and projects.

Ana Diaz, Environmental Designer
I greatly appreciate the diverse range of projects I have been involved in throughout my time at Atelier Ten. Whether it be a residential or commercial development, each project presents a fresh chance to expand my knowledge and expertise while gaining valuable experience.

Owen Batterbee, Graphic Designer
As part of the graphics team, I work on a huge range of projects so it’s hard to choose a specific one, however I enjoy working on projects that are a bit wild and wacky!

I look forward to taking on more responsibility, and the challenge of evolving the graphics team within Atelier Ten.

Rory Edwards, Associate Director

Jessica Glynn, Associate
The project I am most proud of is Woolbeding Glasshouse. It was a really unique building, utilising a ground source heat pump for renewable heating energy and a very innovative method of natural ventilation! I was very proud to visit with my family last year.

This year I’m looking forward to working on another project on the Brent Cross masterplan (having worked on 3 others previously) and also to seeing the building at 101 Moorgate taking shape on site.

Fyllos Theodoru, Associate
The project I am most proud of is the Central St Martins Hotel! It consists of two high end hotels and a residential building. We’re retaining the structural frame of the 1960s office building, and upgrading a Grade ll listed building for one of the hotels.

Aarti Patel, Senior Mechanical Engineer
I am most proud of working on and completing York St John University’s Creative Centre. I am also excited to see through Space House as it is a particularly challenging refurbishment of a Grade II listed building!

Somhairle Laird, Senior Mechanical Engineer
I feel as though my progression from a junior to senior engineer has gone hand in hand with the progression of the design for Berkely Square. I’ve been on the project since concept design; four years later it’s now on site. It has been very exciting to watch this building come to life, and I will certainly look on the project when it’s completed with a sense of nostalgia!

I have just started work on a project overseas with a very different climate, set of criteria and aspirations from what I have worked on previously – I am looking forward to the inevitable challenges ahead!

Nipun Wickramasundara, Senior Mechanical Engineer
Being the project manager and managing the entire MEP team on a bespoke private residence, working closely with John Pardey Architects, has been quite challenging yet rewarding, and is a project I’m most proud of at Atelier Ten.

I am excited to see Space House complete by the end of the year. Also, I am looking forward to the commissioning phase on both projects which will allow me to fine tune the performance of our equipment to ensure their energy performance is optimised.

Jeovana Naidoo, Senior Environmental Designer
I’ve had the privilege to work on a wide range of projects at Atelier Ten, from smaller refurbishments to large masterplans. It’s been a rewarding experience, allowing me to explore sustainability and innovation in various contexts. From optimising energy efficiency in existing buildings to shaping sustainable urban environments, each project has been a valuable learning opportunity and I look forward to the projects and challenges that lie ahead.

Julia Turrubia, Senior Environmental Designer
I am excited about further developing my management skills, and promoting new workflows and innovation especially around our materials practice.

Tania Doumit, Senior Lighting Designer
I am excited to be taking on the transformation of the International Slavery Museum & Maritime Museum in Liverpool with Adjaye Architects. I am also looking forward to designing a new lighting scheme that can be integrated seamlessly within the Grade I listed buildings, while also delivering an environmentally sensible design.