London Spring 2022 Promotions

This Spring we’re celebrating the promotions of fifteen of our Team members. A round of applause to all!

Learn what project each staff member is most proud of and what they are excited to accomplish in the upcoming year!

Georgios Diamantis

A project I take pride in being part of is the new HQ campus of one of the largest technology companies in Eastern Europe. It’s one of the largest building projects I’ve ever worked on, with a GIA of more than 260,000 m².

The building will encompass a range of space uses, spanning from underground swimming and sports hall facilities to high end executive offices, restaurants, working and educational areas.

On a project with all these unusual aspects, I enjoyed the opportunity to lead the mechanical design and coordinate the building services design team through different design phases for both the shell & core and the fit out design scheme design.

Rising to the challenge of communicating, shaping and integrating services design around a demanding architectural concept, with sustainability being the epicentre of our design, enabled me to enhance my people management skills as well as my technical design skills.

Finally, the international nature of the project makes you realise the global impact of our work here in Atelier Ten. I’m looking forward to getting involved with more unique projects in the future.

Alexis Georgopoulos

I’m involved in lots of great projects at the moment, but if I had to choose a favourite it would be 334 Oxford Street. I’ve been leading the electrical design since Stage 2 (we’re now in Stage 3) on this refabrication of an existing iconic building. It’s been a great opportunity to learn of many of the challenges that the design team faces when dealing with such projects and a great opportunity to implement sustainable design ideas like retaining as much of the existing building elements to save on embodied carbon.

I’m excited to continue my development and look forward to the opportunity to lead multidisciplinary MEP teams on large scale projects. I love the interaction from the start with clients and the design team which gives you the chance to implement design ideas into a project from an early stage.

Pablo Millara

Gustavo Brunelli, Technical Director

I’m very excited to be working on groundbreaking projects such as Project Fed: a new office tower that has recently been granted planning permission in the City of London and that is targeting to achieve the most stringent environmental performance targets around!

Younha Rhee, Technical Director

I am proud to have worked on Chelsea Barracks masterplan, the first LEED Neighbourhood Development ‘Platinum’ Plan certified masterplan in Europe.

2 Finsbury Avenue is a project with a huge focus on embodied carbon. Driving down embodied carbon for a 37-story tower is challenging, but the design team and the client are committed to deliver a ‘tower like no other’. We learned a significant amount about low carbon solutions for building materials and hopefully this knowledge will be shared for our future projects.

Ioannis Rizos, Associate Director

After so many years here it’s hard to choose just one favourite project. The Hyundai Pavilion will always be special project to me. I worked closely with Asif Khan and his team to design a building morphology that enhances the illusion of the façade that emulates a “window to outer space” floating on the snowy landscape of PyeongChang for the 2018 Olympic Winter Games site in South Korea. We went through numerous physical tests to establish at what point the rods that support the “stars” (aka LEDs) become visible and for the curves of the façade to be used as self-shading elements to prevent direct sunlight. The main aim was to achieve the right contrast between LEDs and black background, for key visible angles from within the Olympic site.

Another proud moment, though from a different project, was to successfully incorporate natural ventilation on a large-scale glass dome in the middle of Silicon Valley. The building would have been fully air-conditioned otherwise; this saved tons of energy and carbon dioxide associated with mechanical cooling.

I look forward to incorporating embodied and operational carbon targets into contractor specifications, using smart incentivisation options to instigate meaningful impact in delivering carbon savings. I feel lucky to be working along some innovative developer organisations that really see this approach as the new way forward, working hard to establishing commercial potential and ultimately changing the industry from within.

Susan O’Connell, Associate Director

Volkan Doda, Associate Director

In our journey to electrify buildings and minimise the energy use of their services in operation, their whole life-cycle environmental impacts have rightly taken the spotlight.

I look forward to pushing the limits of digitally-enabled design and operations yet harder as we continue to shape the next generation of sustaining, not just sustainable, buildings that are both designed for and deliver performance with ever shrinking negative embodied and fugitive impacts.

Priyanka Sharma, UK Head of HR

Being part of Atelier Ten is something to be proud of, as I feel part of a vision to build a sustainable future. Whatever role someone has, they think and know they contribute to that vision. The beautiful work we have done so far, like Bee’ah, Gardens by the Bay, and Jewel (to name a few) makes me so proud!

Personally, I think my first project with ATen will always be the one that I feel most proud of when I look back on it. I helped build a new foundation for the HR department by introducing policies, clarifying procedures, and aligning everything with our business goals. I take so much pride in how we have evolved over the last five years, building on this foundation I helped establish.

Over the last year and a half, I have been working on the design and implementation of a new system to manage all aspects of an employee’s journey to and at Atelier Ten. I am currently working on phase 2, and I am looking forward to implementing it fully to reap maximum benefit and potential out of this new system.

Marianne Lowgren, Environmental Designer

What a journey – my time at Atelier Ten has already been inspiring and rewarding in so many ways! Being a part of an interdisciplinary design team has really deepened my fascination for the intercorrelation between architecture, energy, carbon/environmental impacts and human well-being.

From here I look forward to take on the challenge of working more with holistic sustainability concepts at all scales of the built environment to push for ‘making more with less’ – developing sustainability frameworks, dig deeper down into benchmarking, ecosystem services, biomimicry/biomimetic architecture and business development. Keen to continue exploring innovative ideas in creating the cutting-edge design solutions required to live well within environmental limits.

Caryn Yeow, Mechanical Engineer

I really enjoyed working on Brunel Museum, as there were lots of interesting challenges. One of the existing buildings was to be refurbished while respecting the historic sensitivity of the building envelope, requiring careful intervention for services. We greatly simplified the approach to minimise the impact of the services both visually and to the existing structure, minimising energy usage while designing for a comfortable environment. Since it was a small project I was given a high level of responsibility, and I had the opportunity to coordinate closely with the wider design team. We were also able to explore bespoke passive options for ventilating the space which may not have been considered on a larger scale.

I am currently working on calculating the embodied carbon within the MEP services on a large office project. Building services make up a significant portion of the embodied carbon in a project like this, but the industry is behind when it comes to accounting for it. From obtaining material breakdowns of large mechanical equipment, to measuring lengths of services distribution, all the way to counting up all the support bracketry, this is proving to be a complex exercise and there are very few examples to follow. But I feel I am at the forefront of important work to come, and once we know the numbers and where they are coming from we can push to drive them down.

Abubakar Salim, Electrical Engineer

I’m proud of working on The Gramophone Works project because it is the largest office building in CLT in the UK and Europe, with slick high level exposed services. This project was also Environmental Prize Winner at the New London Awards in 2021!

I’m looking forward to taking on more leading electrical roles in upcoming projects and all the challenges that comes with it.

Lucy Bennett, Public Health Engineer

I have been most proud of 334 Oxford Street as I have enjoyed having more responsibility and working closely with a great design team. I am excited to develop my skills further, particularly my upcoming sprinkler design training as well as continuing to draw into Revit.

Alexander Zenin, Electrical Engineer

I was involved in a variety of projects at various stages while working at Atelier Ten, from early design stage to site visits for commissioning. This allowed me to gain new skills and increased my knowledge in the field. There are always interesting projects in the company and I look forward to working on them in the future.

Harry White, Mechanical Engineer

I have been most proud of 84 Moorgate, overcoming the challenges that come with redesigning the services of an historic listed building in line with modern standards. This year, I’m looking forward to working on a couple of projects which include ground source heat pump systems and familiarising myself with the design process and considerations.