Celebrating milestones of our London team

These members of staff completed 10, 15 or 20 years of service in the London office in 2020.

Uma Sardana; Associate Director, Finance – Twenty years

Feels great to celebrate two “quick” decades at Atelier Ten! Sharing the last 20 years with so many interesting, talented and memorable people has made it an absolute pleasure. It’s been a wonderful journey so far and exciting times are still ahead.

Uma Sardana


Martin Dilley; Associate Director, IT – Twenty years

The last twenty years working for Atelier Ten – probably the best environmental engineering company in the world – have been hard but enjoyable.

Martin Dilley


Meredith Davey; Director – Fifteen years

My 15th anniversary with Atelier Ten coincides with the 30th anniversary of the company: I’ve officially been here for half the company’s life. This period has been a phenomenal stage of growth and development for both of us, and now entering a new stage in becoming part of Surbana Jurong. This confluence of timing has put me in a reflective mood about my own progress in life.

When I started, the company was much, much smaller and was mainly seen as doing small one off boutique projects. Gardens by the Bay helped change that perception in landing and delivering a hugely innovative and sustainable $1b project in 6 years from start to finish. Looking back, I was a relatively green young engineer in my mid-twenties, running our team on Gardens by the Bay to deliver the project. The pace of learning and growth for both myself and the company to step up the challenge was transformational.

When the project ended I was left with a feeling of “have I peaked too soon, it’s the project of a career and have I completed it quite early in mine”. It turns out that my carer to date is now filled with projects that would be a singular highlight for others, including:

  • defining a new quarter of London with Chelsea Barracks
  • delivering the exceptional Jewel at Changi Airport
  • the soon-to-be-complete Bee’ah, one of the most sustainable office buildings in the Middle East
  • Google’s corporate headquarters in California and European Headquarters in London, which are redefining workplace design
  • developing the design for the most sustainable spec office tower in London with Edge London Bridge
  • two separate projects of an unimaginably large scale in Moscow: Yandex and Sberbank. Each is a single building of over 2.5m sq ft gross (each!)
  • jumping in scales up to new ultra-sustainable cities in the Middle East,
  • and at the smaller scale, such gems as the art-as-building project A House for Essex: a two-bedroom holiday house or a living sculpture depending on how you view it.

External project achievement has been coupled with organisational growth and my experience of leadership. When I started I was in a team of two, now I lead directly and indirectly our multitude of brilliant engineers, designers, technicians and administrators in delivering exceptional performance across the built environment within a cohesive and happy organisation.

I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with some of the worlds most exciting, intelligent and creative architects, clients, engineers, designers and specialists to deliver such amazing work. Nothing I have achieved would be possible without the immense skill, capability, kindness and good humour of both my internal and external collaborators.

I hope this continues into the future with both existing and new friends.

Meredith Davey


Younha Rhee; Associate Director – Ten years in London, twelve with Atelier Ten in total

In the last 12 (almost thirteen!) years at Atelier Ten, across two different offices, I have gained a considerable amount of knowledge, but more importantly, I have truly enjoyed working with amazing people around me who are passionate, knowledgeable and friendly. I look forward to continuing working with them.

Younha Rhee

Younha Rhee