Ambassadorial Duties

Meet our new Fitwel Ambassadors: Sal (London) and Bret (New York)

Sal and Bret

Our mission to bring healthy design measures into all of our projects continues.

Fitwel is the latest emerging building certification scheme to focus on occupant health and wellbeing. And we now have our very own Fitwel Ambassadors, in both the US and UK, who can carry projects through assessment and certification.

With a number of WELL AP certified team members on both sides of the Atlantic, this only increases our ability to support multiple approaches to this growing focus within the construction industry. With our strong background in sustainable engineering and environmental design, Atelier Ten is in the unique position to address the implications of these wellbeing targets across our full range of offerings. We can incorporate occupant health into a coherent design approach that continues to prioritise energy efficient engineering principles and truly sustainable buildings. We are so excited to see this emerging focus on human health really taking off within the industry.