The climate is changing: why aren’t we?

The London, Scottish, Australian and US offices have pledged their support to #StandWithGreta in the climate strikes taking place around the world on Friday 20 September.

In 1990, Atelier Ten was founded with the idea that it was right to “do more with less”. Although there are still sceptics, majority opinion over the last 29 years has caught up with this principle and transformed the way the general public thinks about energy consumption and production.

However, there is still a lot of work to be done if we are to avert real climate change disaster – and it may already be too late. Emissions must be reduced, and quickly. Our politicians are distracted; we need them to pay attention. This is why we have pledged our support to the global climate strike and are participating in events in London and across the US and Australia. Join us.

Learn more about how you can take part: