Meredith Davey of Atelier Ten London appointed as a Design Council/CABE Built Environment Expert

As a member of Cabe’s newly appointed network of 250 Built Environment Experts (BEEs), Meredith will work to ensure that design plays a crucial part in the development of the UK’s built environment. Good design is fundamental to the production and maintenance of high quality places – it enthuses, inspires and encourages people to participate in the planning process to create unique places in which people choose to live and work.

The new BEEs network will support the Cabe team to deliver quality services to its clients, helping them to balance diverse and competing needs. Whether it’s supporting Cabe’s Design Review service or getting stuck in with community engagement work, the BEEs will provide independent advice to challenge, encourage and support Cabe’s clients to make the right design decisions.

Cabe’s BEEs will not act as consultants, and will not be chosen by the client. They will be assigned to the client by the Cabe team and their task is to mentor design procurement, deliver training on the role of design in neighbourhood planning, and participate in the crucial Design Review process.