Environmental Center at Frick Park

Atelier Ten worked with the Bohlin Cywinski Jackson design team to create a net zero facility whereby 100% of the project’s energy and water needs will be met. On-site renewable energy resources will supply all electricity, heating and cooling requirements. A 10,000 gallon storage tank will collect enough water to supply the building’s gray water functions, site irrigation and water feature on an annual basis. All other stormwater will be infiltrated or used to replenish the adjacent wetlands.

Energy efficient strategies currently incorporated into the design include ground source water-to-water heat pumps, dedicated outdoor air systems with energy recovery, radiant flooring, continuous daylight dimming controls in classrooms, open office, gallery, and living room, and occupancy sensors in every zone. Relative to the ASHRAE 90.1-2007 Baseline Design, the Proposed Design with PV reduces annual purchased energy costs by 100% and without PV achieves 38% savings in annual energy consumption.

Analyzing assumed data on building operation, including occupancy, lighting and equipment usage, mechanical system operation, and domestic hot water consumption, Atelier Ten predicts the building to produce more energy than it will consume each year.

Aspiring to create a self-sustaining building and landscape, the new Environmental Center has achieved net zero energy and net zero water. The project is certified with Living Building Challenge Full Petal certification and LEED Platinum.

Atelier Ten’s team includes Associate, Larry Jones; Senior Environmental Designer, Marta Bouchard; Environmental Designer, Phan Truong; and the lighting design team from the New Haven office.