Vasquez Rocks Park Interpretive Center

Atelier Ten’s first project in Southern California has received its LEED Platinum certification. A design-build project with Gruen Associates and PCL Construction, the center features integrated measures that make for a high-performance building: daylighting, sustainable materials, and water conservation. The building also has a notable habitat preservation component, as it sits within a 932-acre park noted for its prehistoric cultural resources, geologic artifacts, and sensitive Native American sites. The park receives approximately 105,000 visitors per year, hence the need for a center which both honors its pristine surroundings and which includes interpretive exhibits, a multi-purpose classroom/museum, and the historic restoration of the Ranger’s residence. Through close collaboration with the construction team, Atelier Ten helped the project to meet its LEED Platinum target.

Atelier Ten’s San Francisco project team included Director Claire Maxfield and Designer Brian Meinrath, who has previously managed two other LEED Platinum projects for the firm.

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